Sourced from a wide range of backgrounds, skilled in an array of styles, these people will help you bring your ideas to fruition. Here's who No Egrets is made of.


Andrew Ferst

Lava lamps, tie-dye, wobbly things. lives in a van down by the river.

Joe McElravy

Enjoys lettering, traditional tattoos, hockey, and wu tang.


Jason Rogers

Enjoys his beard, his beers, and putting new and interesting holes in clients. card carrying starfleet member.

Michelle Rose

Enjoyer of sandwiches. Skewers humans for a living.

Fred Palmer

into greywash, texture, realism, and occasional taffy-like levels of distortion. Enjoys banjos, rifles, and the works of George Lucas.

Tim Jensen

Surrealism, pointilism, geometry, muted tones & heavy black. thanks the gods for circle templates and John Bonham. influences: MC Escher, MC Hammer, Fibbonacci, nature, hiphop, and science.

Ben Drawdy

Neo traditional americana with japanese influences. Hard blends & bold lines. Enjoys bikes, kayaking, pop punk, his wallaby, etching strange surfaces, and breathing underwater. Influences include Bert Grimm, Famous Gabe, and The Internet.

Ricky Cavaness

Into photorealism, both greywash and color. Lots of large scale freehand. texture/highlight heavy. classically trained in fine arts & photography. No longer interested in alfredo sauce. influences: Dali, Escher, Norman Rockwell, Mucha

Cavan Infante

Bold lined illustrative style, bright colors & generous portions of black. Futurist. grew up on too much Star Trek. Veteran barista / type snob. Has been accused of being clever. Influences: Cory Arcangel, Gary Larson, Damien Hirst, James Jean, John Cleese, Katsu, John Waters, Andy Warhol, Paul Rand.

Maria Haycraft

I've been a piercer since 2002 and with No Egrets from the start. As it evolved I've expanded my trade into tattoo removal. I am a mom, wife & entrepreneur. I have a clothing line called Sacer & Savive. I started ArtLink, a non-profit to help get art out to our youth & provide a free creative environment for them. In my abundance of spare time (insert huge amounts of sarcasm) I enjoy antiques and nature.

Kara Jensen

Cosmetic tattoo artist. Loves cats and Kombucha. #mermaidlife


Zachary Bailey

I like traditional tattoos with bold, clean lines as well as intricate, line-work oriented designs. My influences are video games, Cowboy Bebop, Alphonse Mucha and the dark side of history.

Cameron Mcknight

Trained at No Egrets. Neo-traditional mixed-bag of styles. Spent the first 6 months of his apprenticeship in the mountains of Nepal contemplating what art means, as per our curriculum.