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Q: How old do I have to be to get pierced at No Egrets?

A: We do select piercings on minors with parental consent and the required paperwork(see question below). Otherwise you must be 18 or older with valid forms of ID.  


Q: Can a minor get a piercing?

A: Yes, with parental consent we can pierce a minor. We only do select piercings on minors. Contact the shop for specific age requirements. We do require certain paperwork for the health department when piercing a minor as well as a parent or legal guardian present. The required paperwork includes the minors original birth certificate, a valid state or government issued ID for the parent or legal guardian, and any relevant paperwork if the guardian is not listed on the minors birth certificate(i.e. legal guardianship paperwork).  


Q: How old must a minor be to get pierced at No Egrets?

A: In the case of most piercings, the youngest we will pierce is 14. The only exception to this is earlobe piercings. We have experienced Piercers that will pierce earlobes as young as age 7.  


Q: What forms of ID are acceptable to bring in if you would like to get a piercing?

A: Valid state or government issued ID Valid Drivers License Valid passport.


Q: Do I need an appointment?

A:No appointment necessary for piercings.  


Q: When are your Piercers in?

A: We have a piercer on staff in from 12p.m. to 10p.m. Monday through Saturday. Any time we do not have a piercer in, it will be noted on the No Egrets Facebook page.  


Q: Health Practices?

A: Our skilled Piercers keep up to date on relevant piercing and health practices. It is important to us that your piercing is done in a safe, clean environment. As well as following all relevant health code practices, all initial jewelry and tools are sterilized in our autoclave that is spore tested weekly. All initial jewelry and needles are single use and sterilized as well.  


Q: Does No Egrets sell jewelry?

A: Yes. We also do customer orders for any jewelry we don’t have in stock.  


Q: Initial jewelry?

A: Your initial jewelry is internally threaded 316L surgical steel. We carry implant grade titanium as well.  


Q: Can No Egrets help to change out jewelry?

A: Absolutely! No charge for the service if your jewelry is purchased in shop, otherwise there is a $5 charge for outside jewelry installs .  


Q: Stretching my piercing?

A: We want you to stretch those holes safe and properly, if you need help stretching stop by the shop to have us stretch them.  


Q: What should I avoid on my new piercing?

A: There are plenty of things, but there are some common perpetrators. AVOID things such as witch hazel, peroxide, triple antibiotic ointment, rubbing alcohol, and submerging your piercing.  


Q: I’m having trouble healing my piercing, what should I do?

A: Healing up piercings is different for everyone as not every person has the same lifestyle or anatomy. Contact the shop or stop on in. Seek advice from professionals, we are more than happy to help you out.  


Q: What piercings does No Egrets perform?

A: Face: eyebrow, anti eyebrow, bridge, nostril, and septum. Oral: lip(labret, monroe, medusa), cheek/dahlia, tongue, webbing, smiley, and vertical labret(angel kiss, ashley). Ears: helix, conch, daith, snug, industrial, lobes, cartilage, rook, tragus, orbital, and flat. Torso: navel, nipples, and Christina. Genital(M): Prince Albert, frenum, lorum, scrotum, and guiche. Genital(F): VCH, HCH, labia, and forchette. We also do surface piercings and dermals.