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No Egrets Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Removal


If you have a tattoo you would like to remove you can schedule a consultation with our tattoo removal specialist. We use a system called Tatt2away it is a non-laser removal process.

A consultation is required to know if your a candidate for this procedure. Select from the available dates and times. There is a $35 deposit required for making a tattoo removal consultation.

What to expect when you arrive given COVID for the time being. Stay in your vehicle and text 6152758950 upon arrival. Our technician will bring you some paperwork to fill out in your vehicle. Once finished we will walk you in. You must have a mask on to enter the building. You will be brought to the technician's room and complete the consultation.

The consultation will go over the process, review paperwork, do a skin assessment, and open discussion to execute an appropriate plan for your removal needs.