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Tatt2Away Removal

We offer Tatt2AWAY Tattoo removal. This is not laser. You must have a consult before booking a treatment.

During a consult, the removal specialist will go over a skin assessment, procedure process, discuss your specific needs, and allow for any questions before moving forward. The consultation will determine whether your skin/tattoo will be able to undergo this service through a series of steps with the removal specialist. You will not have the procedure during a consultaion. This will be a separate booking once the consultation proves eligabilty to move forward. The consultation typically takes under 30 minutes. Be prepared in clothing that can easily access the tattoo since the specialist will need to see size and location in determining next steps as well. If you have any other question let us know but your removal specialist will be prepared to answer any more specific questions during your consultation.

Prices vary by design, tattoo size, and situation. This is just an example of pricing.

A $35 consult is required to begin the process. Consult fees are non-refundable.

There is a non-refundable $100 deposit to book a treatment. Treatments start at  $179 and increase at $79 per square inch, after that. This treatment is intended to be in stages and remove the tattoo over time.

We do not offer removals on the face or feet.

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